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Comeback with Erica Cobb

Mar 29, 2020

What does curating your comeback mean?  Well, we all do it, we all over-curate our public lives especially on social media and it's time to re-think how we rep ourselves to the world. So...let's together start curating ourselves differently with a sense of pride, empowerment and excitement! 

Mar 22, 2020

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable...times are crazy and uncertain right now, but what we can control is how we approach the future and how we help ourselves and others in times of uncertainty.  Let's comeback together!

Mar 15, 2020

There are things we experience every day that tell us what to be listening to, and how to act on those things.  The problem is, we hardly ever pay attention!  Today's episode talks about how meditation and simply listening to the universe, can set you up and on your way for your very own comeback!

Mar 9, 2020

The key to my personal comeback has always been the ability to manifest and act on growth.  If we're not growing, and if we're not happy growing, how can we achieve our dreams?!

On today's episode, we'll talk growth, growing pains and how to find your "alter ego" that will help take you to the next level!

Mar 1, 2020

There are three things that I plan to talk about again and again, and it's how you handle these 3 things in YOUR life:

You vs. You; You vs. Others; You vs. The World

We start off today talking all about these points of view...and how you can comeback from anything if you find space, vulnerability, and empathy for...