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Comeback with Erica Cobb

Feb 28, 2022

Derrica Wilson joins me to talk about the work she does, as CEO and co-founder of Black And Missing, to ensure our missing come back. As well as the HBO doc, “Black and Missing” and her new children's book “Finding Sierra.” To find more about Derrica and Black And Missing: visit

Feb 21, 2022

Six time Grammy Award winner, Malik Yusef joined me to talk about his repeated comebacks. From overcoming dyslexia to overcoming "serial lover" syndrome. Malik opened up about his journey and how the legacy of Dr. Donda West played a part in him rejoining Kanye West on the "Donda" album. Follow Malik on IG @MalikYusef100

Feb 14, 2022

Sarah Galli, host of the popular BRAVO podcast, Andy's Girls, joins me to talk about the disparity at the BRAVO Network when it comes to issues of race.  We break down some of the most talked about racial scandals and the Bravolebrities at the center. Find and follow Sarah and her podcast: 

Feb 7, 2022

My sister friend, Chloe Pedersen, is one of the many Black women putting her name on the ballot for office for the first time this year.  I talked to Chloe about what the catalyst is for more Black women running as she pursues her political mission, running for judge in Cook County, Illinois out of the 4th circuit... ...