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Comeback with Erica Cobb

Nov 13, 2022

After serving in numerous positions in the field fashion, Catina Bryant is no

stranger to the industry.

Catina has taken fashion by a storm with her multi-seasonal luxury eco

apparel and accessories brand, Dai Moda. Her journey to success has

not been a easy one though, and she's here today to shed some insight

into her...

Oct 31, 2022

Oscar-nominated songwriter, singer, and producer DIXSON -notably nominated for an Oscar for co-writing “Be Alive” with Beyonce-  joins Erica for today’s show and shares his comeback story. 

DIXSON gets candid about life before the record deal, the motivation behind the meaning/lyrics of the song “Stay Alive”, ...

Oct 23, 2022

This week I sat down with my sister, Ebonie Cobb, to talk about her lifestyle as a digital nomad.  Since the pandemic, many people have permanently adopted a work from home lifestyle.  This includes downsizing their lives, consolidating assets and making "home" anywhere and everywhere they desire to be.  My little...

Oct 3, 2022

Princess Sarah Culberson shares her amazing story of being a biracial child adopted by a White family in West Virgin to discovering in her twenties that she was a Mende Princess of Bompe in Sierra Leone!  Sarah's incredible journey is documented in her book, "A Princess Found," which is being adapted to a Disney movie. ...

Sep 18, 2022

Rush Imhotep graduated cum laude from Cornell University, with a bachelors of arts in Africana Studies and Business Management. Rush is a student athlete turned successful financial wealth advisor who has been highlighted in Atlanta’s A3C Festival and Conference as a speaker for their panel on “start ups and wealth...