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Comeback with Erica Cobb

Jun 26, 2022

Buffie Purselle returns to Comeback to talk about her book, “Crawl Before You Ball.”  As a Certified “Crawler” myself, I was anxious to speak with Buffie, who has over twenty years of expertise in the financial field. As the founder of Buffie, LLC, her success derives from her professional and innate ability to ...

Jun 20, 2022

McKensie Mack is the expert we turn to when discussing the thorniest and most complex problems surrounding social and racial justice. McKensie is an anti-oppression consultant, researcher, the Founder & CEO of MMG, and the Creator of #BoundaryWork. For more on MMG visit: www.MMG.Earth

Jun 5, 2022

Sirena Rolfe, is one of the few African-American women to receive a patent since the late 1860s. She is also believed to be the only african-american woman to have received a patent in Colorado in this century!  She joined me to talk about how her entrepreneurial journey took her from a professional career in digital...