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Comeback with Erica Cobb

Oct 22, 2023

On this episode of Comeback with Erica Cobb, actress and award winning fertility advocate Kellee Stewart opens up about her experience freezing her eggs and why she advocates so hard for women to look into their fertility before they are ready to have kids. In this episode Kellee shared why creating your own fertility experience is so important to the process, whether it is throwing yourself an Egg shower, similar to a baby shower, or cutting off the haters and building your own community. Kellee and Erica bond over realizing that being a mother doesn't mean you have to have children. 

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Comeback with Erica Cobb is an inspirational and empowering podcast hosted by the dynamic TV and radio personality, Erica Cobb. With a focus on helping people overcome adversity and make a comeback in all aspects of their lives, Erica and her guests share their personal stories, insights, and practical advice. From career setbacks to personal struggles, the show offers candid conversations and engaging interviews to help listeners navigate life's challenges and achieve their goals. With a positive, uplifting approach, Comeback with Erica Cobb is a must-listen for anyone looking to turn setbacks into comebacks.