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Comeback with Erica Cobb

Jun 25, 2023

Y'all it went DOWN at the LIVE event and I couldn't be happier about this amazing night!  My special guest Claudia Jordan opened up about her mental health journey, her many personal and professional public transitions and even addressed the controversy about her Meghan Markle commentary.
The night opened with my...

Jun 14, 2023

This is a heated debate but I think y’all should weigh in, should Ebonie join social media? And, are you channeling your sncestors without knowing it? Join us for these conversations and more on this week’s bonus episode.

Join me THIS Friday, June 16th in Denver for the LIVE Podcast Event in Denver, CO with...

Jun 7, 2023

It's another bonus episode, "Comeback Conversations with My Sister" This week we talk about the lessons we've learned from the Ja Morant scandal! What's an ASKhole? And should Ebonie join social media?  Chime in, we want to hear from you!
Join me Friday, June 16th in Denver for the LIVE Podcast Event in Denver, CO...

Jun 5, 2023

Nicole Friday is not only one half of the power team responsible for the American Black Film Festival Brands, alongside her husband Jeff.  She is also a Culinary Queen, a Mom and a true testimony teacher.   
The 27th annual ABFF will take place in Miami Beach June 14-18, tickets are available: